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Chemistry and BioScience
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Chemistry and BioScience

Advanced research in the study of chemistry and biology has been making enormous progress while each field continues to exert its influence on the other. In the department of chemistry and bioscience we foster human resources who will actively contribute to a wide range of the fields through education and research. Lecture classes are provided in basic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology, biology, and physiology. Our goal is to have students recognize the behavior of simple molecules, and understand the complex structures of molecules and the phenomenon of life on the bases of molecules. In order to advance knowledge and skill in a specific field, students can choose one of the following courses: Molecular Photonics and Colloid Science, Organic and Biological Chemistry, or Bio-Dynamics. We aim to develop specialists who can actively contribute to the fields of chemistry and biology.

Educational Goals (Philosophy) and Prospective Students

Our educational goal is to foster people who possess a broad range of fundamental knowledge and the ability to apply their knowledge and technical skill actively in the fields of chemistry and biology. Prospective students should understand these educational goals and possess the basic academic ability to acquire highly specialized expertise through research and education.

Chemistry and BioScience

Admission Policy

We aim to develop specialized professionals who will advance the world of chemistry and biology while at the same time deepen their own understanding of both fields. We also aim to develop professionals who possess the technical skill and ability to conduct research in both chemistry and biology.

Prospective Students

  • Those who can think flexibly, possess an inquisitive nature, and can seek creative solutions to issues related to chemistry and biology.
  • Those who possess expert knowledge in chemistry and biology, and will positively work to construct a sustainable global community where nature and human beings can coexist.
  • Those who possess the ability to make sound ethical judgments and make global contributions.

Course Work

◎Molecular Photonics and Colloid Science Course

Education and research related to photochemistry of molecular aggregates and condensed systems, chemistry of functional molecular aggregates, environmental catalyst chemistry, clean energy, and medical care.

◎Organic and Biological Chemistry Course

Education and research related to the chemistry of naturally occuring organic compounds, synthesis and organic reactions of organic compounds, and protein chemistry and antibody/peptide molecule design.

◎Bio-Dynamics Course

Education and research related to symbiosis between plants and microorganisms, gene expression analysis of viruses of plants and microorganisms, body axis formation of vertebrates, reproduction and generation of marine invertebrates, circadian rhythm of animals, neuro-physiology of taste and neural mechanisms of taste behavior of fish.


A variety of classes are offered to allow students to obtain a higher level of expertise and skill using knowledge acquired during their undergraduate studies as a basis. Chemistry and Bioscience Thesis Reading, Chemistry and Bioscience Special Research, and Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry (Master’s Program) are required subjects. Students are required to take a total number of 16 credits from the above.

A total of 30 credits or more must be obtained. 16 must be from required classes and more than 6 credits are needed from elective classes related to the student’s selected course. Other credits should be obtained from other classes after consultations with a faculty advisor.

List of faculty members

The following specialists provide research and education support to students and help find solutions to student academic issues.