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Greeting from the Dean

In 2009 Kagoshima University Graduate School of Science and Engineering re-structured its programs, in order to build a richer understanding of the natural world through science and engineering. This resulted in the establishment of ten departments at the Masters’ level and three at the Doctoral level. In 2016 the three doctoral departments were consolidated into the Interdisciplinary Department of Science and Engineering, to oversee two new doctoral programs: Foundations in Research and Advanced Studies in Science and Technology. Each of the departments within the School contribute to fundamental knowledge and its practical application in the major fields of Science and Engineering through a wide range of educational and research activities.


The Graduate School also contributes to regional development through joint research projects with the Regional Value Creation Center, which collaborates with local municipal and prefectural governments, and small and medium-sized local enterprises to promote regional growth.


In addition, the Global Development Office helps students develop globally relevant professional skills through short-term and long-term study abroad programs. Throughout Japan and abroad, we actively promote collaboration and academic exchange with a wide variety of research institutions.


The Graduate School of Science and Engineering supports the development of sophisticated scientific and technical understanding through a careful examination of the natural world, that leads to deeper human understanding. At the same time, we recognize the unique traits that each field contributes to this process. As such, Kagoshima University Graduate school of Science and Engineering promotes the following ideals: To build a system of research and education that practically addresses current issues related to social progress both regionally and globally; to encourage students to develop self-sufficiency, a love of truth, high ethical standards, and the ability to overcome difficulties.


Accordingly, we strive to produce sophisticated scholarship that is flexible and embraces diverse approaches, and which can be passed to the next generation of researchers. By building a foundation of comprehensive knowledge, researchers are expected to engage in activities that apply to current issues in science and engineering, from a position of strong integrity. In addition to conducting applied research on the environment, energy, and medical engineering, our researchers work closely with the local community in southern Kyushu and the Nansei-Toko Island chain to resolve problems related natural disaster relief and mitigation, including volcanic activity, heavy rainfall, typhoons, earthquakes and tsunami. These projects have lasting impact by contributing to domestic and international knowledge and education.


With approximately 250 faculty and staff serving 600 Masters’ students, and 70 doctoral students, the Graduate School of Science and Engineering also supports undergraduate education, helping students at all stages connect their dreams to the future. Rooted in practical research, it is our intention to contribute to the safety and security of the region, and promote our research activities at home and abroad, moving ever forward.


YAMAGUCHI Toshinobu, Dean, Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Kagoshima University