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Mathematics and Computer Science
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Mathematics and Computer Science

We teach and research fundamental structures in mathematics and their analysis. We also teach and research on mathematical sciences, which have been diversifying due to interactions with many other scientific and cultural areas, their related areas as well as theoretical fundamentals of information/computer science. Our aim is to enable students to understand fundamental theories in mathematics deeply as well as to understand theories of information/computer science and mathematical analysis of various phenomena of nature and society that become a driving force for developments of mathematical sciences, and to have the ability of applying their knowledge.

Educational Goals (Philosophy) and Prospective Students

Our educational goal is to provide society with professionals having advanced skills in mathematical science and information/computer science, the ability to make comprehensive decisions and a superior sense of ethics based on expertise of mathematics. We welcome those with basic academic ability, who understand these goals, who are eager to study mathematics, mathematical sciences and information/computer sciences in order to deal successfully with advanced topics in these fields.

Mathematics and Computer Science

Admission Policy

We aim to foster creative and leading professionals within the fields related to mathematics and computer science who possess a high level of specialized knowledge and technical skill, the ability to conduct research, and the ability to make sound ethical judgments.

Prospective Students

  • Those who address the challenges in the rapidly developing field of science and technology by making full use of high sense of ethics and the specialized knowledge of mathematics and computer science.
  • Those who innovate and address the new challenges in the related field of mathematics and computer science from their own motive and who have willingness and capability to respond needs of society.
  • Those who can support social foundations by contributing to regional and global communities with a strong sense of duty.

Course Work

◎Pure Mathematics Course

Mathematics provides a theoretical basis vital to the progress of science and technology brought by the development of natural science. This course focuses on research and education regarding the theoretical system of mathematics and development of research and education on fundamental structure of mathematics in the subjects of algebra, analysis, and geometry.

◎Environmental Systems Engineering Course

This course focuses on research and education regarding the theoretical aspects of mathematical science and its applications along with analysis of the various phenomena found in nature and society.

◎Construction Systems Engineering Course

The remarkable advancement of computer technology in recent years has also resulted in the rapid development of the information/computer science. This course conducts research and education on mathematical theory in this field and its applications.


To provide a wider range of advanced education and research focused on specialty fields compared to education at the undergraduate level, we offer required subjects corresponding to 16 credits.

“Advanced Studies in Mathematics and Computer Science” covers the fundamental and comprehensive materials necessary to study mathematics and computer science.

In addition to the required subjects(16 credits), students must obtain a total of 30 credits or more from elective subjects, including 6 subjects from the“Pure Mathematics”, “Applied Mathematics”, or“Computer Science” course. These subjects should be selected upon consultation with faculty advisors.

List of faculty members

The following specialists provide research and education support to students and help find solutions to student academic issues.