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Architecture and Architectural Engineering Program

 Our educational philosophy is to develop professionals/researchers who will preserve the architectural culture and techniques of mankind, take care of the global environment and utilize contemporary technology comprehensively to contribute to the creation/maintenance of architectural spaces and the living environment. We have inherited the curriculum from the undergraduate program and intend to develop the following human resources. Those individuals who will:


  1. take the initiative in creating an environment in which truly valuable human nature is awakened,
  2. be ready to engage in dialogue and work with others and have the ability to act and take initiative, and
  3. have the ability to form ideas and discover and solve problems.


Architecture and Architectural Engineering

Educational Goal and Three Policies of the Architecture and Architectural Engineering Program


 Our fields are architectural design, design of structures and environmental design.

 Students will learn specified topics systematically through a multiple of subjects so that they will grow into human resources who will be able to respond to seeds (new technology owned by companies) in that particular field. Master’s Course students will choose one or more fields offered by the Program and take the subjects designated by the respective field to learn the advanced educational content required by the field.

 In addition, students will learn the basics of a language in the English Course that is part of the curriculum.

 For more information on the curriculum, please refer to the Guidebook to Curriculum and Registration.


List of faculty members

 The following specialists provide research and education support to students and help find solutions to student academic issues.