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Chemistry and Biotechnology Program

 We aim to develop human resources who will have learned the chemistry related to life phenomena and be able to play a key role in the research and technological development of new substances and functional materials, biotechnology, analysis and chemical measurement, pharmaceutical and medical materials, environmental conservation and energy. Taking over from the curriculum of the Chemistry and Biotechnology Program of the Department of Advanced Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, we will improve and expand the educational program of the undergraduate study to develop human resources who will have:


  1. a good personality, social skills and sense of ethics and be able to learn the laws of nature and the environment as well as the basic knowledge in different scientific fields from an international perspective, and to live harmoniously with others,
  2. learned the basics of mathematics and engineering, information processing technology and the basic knowledge and skills in chemistry and engineering,
  3. the ability to use the basic knowledge of chemistry and biology flexibly in developing and evaluating new materials, biotechnology and drug discovery,
  4. competency in everyday and international communication, and
  5. learned, through thesis research and lecture seminars, the design ability to make the best use of the knowledge and skills they possess to assess a given request comprehensively and propose feasible solutions.


Chemistry, Biotechnology, and Chemical Engineering

Educational Goal and Three Policies of the Chemistry and Biotechnology Program


 Our field is chemistry and biotechnology.

 Students will learn specified topics systematically through a multiple of subjects so that they will grow into human resources who will be able to respond to social seeds (new technology owned by companies) in that particular field.

 In addition, we have the English Course.

 For more information on the curriculum, please refer to the Guidebook to Curriculum and Registration.


List of faculty members

 The following specialists provide research and education support to students and help find solutions to student academic issues.