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Mathematics and Informatics Program

 Our educational goal is to develop professionals who will have expertise and comprehensive judgment in mathematical science and informatics, accompanied by high standards of ethics. Another educational goal is to take on and further the foundational curriculum of the Mathematics and Informatics Program ensconced in the Faculty of Science, with the long-term pedagogic goal of developing the following human resources. We envision a graduate who will:


  1. Utilize their sense of ethics and professional skills in mathematical science/informatics to solve the problems of advanced science and technology;
  2. Possess the motivation and ability to take the initiative in finding new problems related to mathematical science/informatics and will be able to meet the needs of society; and,
  3. Have nurtured the sense of mission to contribute to overcoming local and international problems so that they support the social infrastructure.


Mathematics and Computer Science

Educational Goal and Three Policies of the Mathematics and Informatics Program


 Our field is mathematical science and informatics.

 Students will learn specialized topics systematically through a multiple of subjects so that they will grow into human resources who can respond to social seeds (new technology owned by companies) in the particular field of study they have chosen.

 For more information on the curriculum, please refer to the Guidebook to Curriculum and Registration.



 The following specialists provide research and education support to students and help find solutions to student academic issues.