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Mechanical Engineering Program

 To develop the following human resources, we further the educational objectives of the undergraduate curriculum and have in place the sort of educational program that helps students hone their skills as engineers. Specifically, we seek prospective students who:


  1. will be able to develop advanced, cutting-edge machine-related technologies.
  2. will fully contribute creatively to manufacturing-related industrial activities to respond adequately to changing social needs; and,
  3. will have the ability of ethical judgment, a wide and comprehensive viewpoint and the ability to work as a team member and who will take the initiative in responding to social demands.


 To realize our educational objectives, we have put in place the following educational goals and curriculum accordingly. Students must achieve these goals through their study over their two years.


  1. acquire the ability to deal with multifaceted issues, from a enlightenment perspective that includes a comprehensive viewpoint within which high ethical standards dominate, and with issues, such as energy and the environment, and the fate of human beings and society;
  2. acquire the ability to gather and analyze information from the viewpoint of mechanical engineering to seek out relevant problems and solutions;
  3. acquire advanced knowledge/skills in the specialized field of mechanical engineering and learn the skills that create the circumstances in which the ability of an individual trends toward that of desiring to solve problem autonomously;
  4. learn the skills that create the ability to design solutions creatively to respond to social demands based on a wide range of knowledge including those seemingly distant ones that are out of one’s field of specialization; and,
  5. acquire the communication skills necessary to contribute proactively and continuously to the development of local and international communities.


Mechanical Engineering

Educational Goal and Three Policies of the Mechanical Engineering Program


 Our fields are production engineering, energy engineering and machine systems engineering.

 Students will learn specific topics systematically through a multiple of subjects so that they will grow into human resources who can respond to social seeds (new technology owned by companies) in their specific fields. Master’s Course students will choose one or more of the fields offered by the Program and take the subjects designated by the respective field to learn the advanced educational content required by the field.

 For more information on the curriculum, please refer to the Guidebook to Curriculum and Registration.


List of faculty members

 The following specialists provide research and education support to students and help find solutions to student academic issues.