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Ocean Civil Engineering Program

 We offer advanced professional education and research in the field of ocean civil engineering with the aim to nurture engineers/researchers who have in-depth understanding of oceans, the knowledge and the ability to make proper judgments related to ocean civil engineering, and high standards of ethics. We work to develop the sort of engineers who have undergone the basic education in oceanography and civil engineering at the undergraduate school, who have a good understanding of oceans, who see the global environment comprehensively, and who can apply flexibility to look at and think about the issues current in oceanography, civil engineering and marine engineering.


Ocean Civil Engineering

Educational Goal and Three Policies of the Ocean Civil Engineering Program


 Our field is civil engineering/oceanography.

 Students will learn specified topics systematically through a multiple of subjects so that they will grow into human resources who will be able to respond to social seeds (new technology owned by companies) in that particular field.

 For more information on the curriculum, please refer to the Guidebook to Curriculum and Registration.


List of faculty members

 The following specialists provide research and education support to students and help find solutions to student academic issues.