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Outline of Education And Research Guidance

Main objective

With rapid changes in science and technology with new innovations, engineers are required to have extensive academic knowledge and must possess ability to take tough decisions giving due considerations to various factors. Also the practicing engineers and reseachers form research and development centers etc must be able to enhance their scientific knowledge. Therefore emphasis is placed in the program of education and research to train the students so that they attain the ability to apply their specialized skills to practical problems in an efficient manner. Also with the aim of helping them to become familiar with a wide variety of topics, the engineers and researchers are additionally trained in subjects other than their main specialization.

Outline of guidance

The students have to complete a total of at least 12 credits, As shown in the Table below, emphasis is placed on credits for special tutorials, special practice and special training too. Thus guidance is provided in many ways enabling the students to attain high level of academic back ground and technical expertise.
Guidance staff
The research guidance is provided by a group of guidance staff consisting of one main adviser and two assistant advisers.

Contents of course and distribution of credits

subject credits compulsory
or optional
lectures 4 or
compulsory can be chosen from subjects other than majpr research area
special lectures 1 compulsory given by specialists (including those from other institutions and industries)
seminar nil compulsory report about the research progress
special tutorials Ⅰ 2 compulsory survey report on a theme other than main research topic
special tutorials Ⅱ 2 compulsory research plan of a theme other than main research topic
special practice 2 optional training at other research institutions
special training Ⅰ 2 optional guiding undergraduate students in their tutorials and/or experiments
(excluding teaching assistantship period, if any)
special training Ⅱ 2 optional presentation at international symposiums
Total credits 12 or