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Department of Engineering

 The purpose of this program is to train highly specialized professionals who will have acquired advanced expertise, academic ability and applied skills related to engineering, a wide range of non-specialized knowledge, high ethical standards, and global communication skills, as well as advanced engineering design capabilities so that they will be able to respond to the changing needs of local and international communities autonomously and practically.

 In order to achieve this purpose, we conduct education and research in ways that will best assist students in acquiring advanced learning and experience in engineering-related research areas, provide knowledge in a wide range of fields, and create the parameters and environments in which logical and flexible thinking ability can abide.


 We have seven programs in place, each of which serves as one of the pillars of our education and research.

  1. Mechanical Engineering Program
  2. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program
  3. Ocean Civil Engineering Program
  4. Chemical Engineering Program
  5. Chemistry and Biotechnology Program
  6. Information Science and Biomedical Engineering Program
  7. Architecture and Architectural Engineering Program


 Among these, the Chemistry and Biotechnology and the Architecture and Architectural Engineering Programs offer the English Course.

Educational Goal and Three Policies of the Department of Engineering